Cleaning services in Sunny Spain

If you don't remember the last time you dusted up, such as on the top kitchen cabinets or vacuuming behind and under the sofa, then feel free to start with general cleaning. We will return to your apartment unprecedented freshness and purity!

How often

We recommend ordering general cleaning once every three to six months. Combined with regular maintenance cleaning, you will be able to keep clean for a long time. We don't even talk about free time, we're sure you already know how to take it.

Our advantage

We approach each cleaning individually. We try to take into account all your wishes and answer all your questions. We always go to the meeting and try to do the work as efficiently as possible in accordance with your specific wishes.

Over the years we have developed a well-coordinated team of trained cleaners and vaciado de pisos en Madrid. We put quality first. We accept payment only after a quality work has been done. We give a guarantee for cleaning!

We work with professional equipment and detergents. We are constantly learning new technologies in the field of cleaning, improving to become better for you.

We have a lot of satisfied regular customers and honest feedback about our work.

What is included in the general cleaning?

For vaciado de oficinas Madrid, we do all the same things as maintenance, but with the emphasis on "wiping" and "washing" and not just "mine," plus:

On the appointed day of cleaning comes a team with a manager who brings all the equipment (vacuum cleaner, steam generator, steplade), inventory and chemicals. The cost of the work is estimated before cleaning.

At the end of the cleaning, the manager checks the quality of the work done.


  • Be rid of all exterior surfaces from floor to ceiling;
    • Clean the batteries with steam;
  • to clean and wash chandeliers, sconces (complex lamps made of glass, crystal or with lots of elements are not included in the price);
    • Moving furniture and washing in hard-to-reach places;
  • Vacuum furniture inside (if possible);
  • Vacuum carpets and under carpets if possible;
  • Clean air vents and air conditioning (outside);

In the kitchen:

  • carefully skim the kitchen, apron, stove and kitchen appliances;
  • Skim equipment outside with special compounds;
    • Move the fridge, stove, if they are not built in;
  • vacuuming and washing behind the kitchen skirting board;
  • my desk and chairs.

In the bathroom:

  • Clean bathroom fixtures and floor-to-ceiling wall tiles;
  • wash under the bathroom, behind the washing machine and dryer (if possible);
  • disinfect all the plumbing.

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